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The ultimate source of Financial Software.

We are a software company specializing in financial apps and financial software objects. Our products are developed in close consultation with banks, wealth managers, insurance companies, and other financial institutions to ensure the best functionality, practicality, and usability. With users around the world, our development team prioritizes different jurisdictions, considering factors such as multi-currency, multi-taxation, and multi-compliance.

Business Apps

Business Apps build around our Financial Softwareobjects

Financial Softwareobjects

Performant Financial Softwareobjects accessible via Rest API

Interactive Visual 360 Wealthplanning App

The Fusion of Wealthmanagement and Financial Planning

An application to enhance decision-making by completing and elaborating on the mid- and long-term investment strategy, as well as identifying future shortfalls and events that could impact it. Fully interactive!

The wealth planner and advisor can now demonstrate various scenarios and versions to the client, considering their future requirements and plans for their wealth. They can assess the impact of factors such as a trip around the world, opportunistic sale of a company, early retirement, relocation of domicile, or changes in asset allocation on the original wealth plan. These dynamic simulations can be presented interactively and in real time.

Furthermore, the ability to look forward and simulate market developments and different scenarios that the client may face is enabled. The unique impact on their specific asset and liability structure can be visualized through various graphical formats and thoroughly analyzed—both for the present and the future. To support this comprehensive analysis, techniques such as Monte Carlo simulations, Markowitz optimization, and Black-Litterman optimization of the investment strategy can be employed.

Financial Software Objects

Performant Software Objects for the wealthmanagement industry

Our software objects are designed specifically for the wealth management industry, offering a wide range of features and functionalities – all accessible through an easy-to-use REST API.

Each module within our software objects is optimized for high performance, ensuring efficient on-the-fly calculations and delivering real-time results. Whether you need comprehensive evaluations or quick calculations, our software object provides the necessary tools to enhance your wealth management processes.

Our software objects offer a wide range of functions, including:

Evaluation: Comprehensive evaluation of portfolios, sectors, currencies, and individual securities. Drill-down capabilities allow for detailed analysis from the portfolio level down to specific securities.

Performance Calculation: Calculation of performance using both money-weighted and time-weighted methods, providing accurate performance metrics.

Performance Attribution: Detailed analysis of performance drivers, allowing for better understanding of portfolio performance contributors.

Benchmarking: Comparison of portfolio performance against relevant benchmarks to assess performance relative to market standards.

Market Event Simulations: Simulating market events to evaluate the impact on portfolio performance and adjust strategies accordingly.

Strategy and Restriction Checks: Verification and enforcement of investment strategies and restrictions to ensure compliance.

Risk Analysis: Measurement and assessment of risk figures to aid in portfolio management and decision-making.

Cashflow Evolution: Projection and analysis of cashflow movements over time, enabling better understanding of liquidity and investment planning.

Furthermore, all the functions available in our Wealth Planning application are also accessible via our REST API, enabling seamless integration into other applications and systems. This provides flexibility and convenience in utilizing our wealth planning capabilities within your existing software infrastructure.


Integration, consulting and software development

With our integration services and Oracle application development we provide comprehensive support to help you integrate our apps and software objects effectively into your environment.

  • Integration of our Apps  into Your Environment

We offer seamless integration services to incorporate our apps into your existing environment.

  • Consulting on How to Use our Software Objects

We provide comprehensive consulting services to guide you in effectively utilizing our software objects and collaborate closely with your team to understand your goals and provide personalized advice and recommendations.

  • Oracle Apex Development

We excel in Oracle Application Express (APEX) development, creating powerful and user-friendly web applications on the Oracle platform. From application design to implementation and customization, we ensure an efficient and seamless development process.

  • Data Mining and Machine Learning:

Our data mining and machine learning services enable you to extract meaningful insights and patterns from your data. Leveraging advanced algorithms and techniques, we uncover valuable information, perform predictive analysis, and support data-driven decision-making. Whether it’s classification, regression, clustering, or recommendation systems, we apply data mining and machine learning methods to address your specific requirements.

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